Holiday Earrings!


Turn on the holiday charms with these red & green onyx, white mother-of-pearl, and sterling silver snowflake earrings. (Look closely—no two are alike! Also note the "Extra Long" Cheer-rings have a different snowflake charm than the Cheer-rings 1-7.)

When everyone else is wearing beaded Swarovski Christmas trees, why not wear something unique? These fresh and festive earrings will take you from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Their classic holiday colors and contemporary design can dress you up a little or a lot, as you choose. They are perfect for an evening party or an after work potluck. They dangle, they glitter, they rock! The mother-of-pearl displays a nice surprising flash here and there and adds to the liveliness of these shimmering pieces. They make a great gift!

I’ve always been enchanted with the ephemeral and fairy-like qualities of snowflakes. Who hasn’t? We gaze at them, drawn to their delicate mystery, anticipating a closer look—and then they vanish as if they were never really there! We are forever trying to capture their magic—they inspire poetry, stories, and art. And, of course, jewelry!

Most of us have added a snowflake or two to our own personal jewelry collections; my favorite way to go with snowflakes is dangling earrings. I hope these holiday earrings will draw you in under their own magic spell, as they do me, with the colors and sparkle of winter.

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